About Us - Scaffolding

Good day, and welcome to my site. My name's John Barnes and I set about designing and building websites around nine years ago. Surprisingly I am actually a demolition expert by trade, and so the change to making websites was relatively extreme, however I slipped into it quite easily and today it simply is "what I do". Actually I find it an interesting challenge, brainstorming concepts and applying them, from time to time wishing to generate a little bit of revenue out of it and oftentimes simply doing it for fun. This specific website is a bit of both of those.

I am not sure with regards to yourself, but I have definitely become sick of constant advertising shoved in my face on sites, endless pop-ups trying to peddle me rubbish I don't want and newsletters I will never read through, and needing to sign in or join to carry out anything at all on most modern websites, which means my email address is about to get spammed to death and i'm going to need to squander my valuable time every day deleting this garbage. I can guess you feel exactly the same way don't you? With luck you won't feel like this having visited this site.

This site is not dynamic consequently stuff doesn't move around or take a lot of time to load up. You won't be expected to sign in or sign up and you will never ever get any spammy newsletters or e-mails. You will notice a little advertising on this site, but it is not jammed down your throat. And you will never get those ridiculous pop-ups you can't close down.

Simple, easy to use websites will continually be my goal, having pages that are quick to load and that doesn't incorporate crap that you do not need or want. With any luck I've achieved that with this website and at least you will not have been frustrated by your time here, perhaps you will even have got some benefit from the experience. If so then I have succeeded in my work.

I am not actually a scaffolder myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with any questions related to scaffolding or to obtain job estimates for scaffolding assignments, this website was designed to guide you through the different ways to get a trustworthy scaffolder by yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any individual service, I've just provided some strategies for picking one, the choice is in the end yours to make.

I expect to to see you here once again some day soon and thank you yet again for visiting.